Easterseals’ ‘Walk with Me’ Event

ITP was a proud silver sponsor of the Easterseals Southeast WI ‘Walk with Me’ event that took place on June 28th at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Easterseals provides many resources for people and families challenged by disability. They are committed to changing the way the world defines and views disability by making a difference in people’s lives every day. The work that they do has redefined disability for the 21st century.

Before the walk began, five of the Easterseals’ ambassadors spoke at the event to highlight a few of their services. They specifically touched on Autism Services, Safe Babies, and the Workforce Training Program. See all of the great programs Easterseals Southeas Wisconsin offers the community, here.

Eight of our team members walked with a “porpoise” at this event, taking on disabilities together. Everyone who participated in this 1 mile family fun walk made a profound, and positive impact on the lives of those living with disabilities.







Overall, the event was a huge success, raising over $80,000! All proceeds will go towards funding vital programs that provide direct services for individuals living with disabilities. These programs give children and adults the opportunities to learn, work, and play in their communities.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this great cause. Each step of the way you made a huge difference that will last a lifetime. One short mile goes a long way!

Check out all the photos from the ‘Walk with Me’ event on Easterseal’s Facebook page >>>


#MSInspire: Wrapping Up and Heading Home

That’s a wrap!

Microsoft Inspire was once again a fantastic event and our team is headed home. We’ve been dazzled by incredible keynotes and musical performances at the gigantic Verizon Center. Technology and business announcements during the event kept us on the edge of our seats (if you missed them, here’s our round up).

Final thoughts on the event.

Overall, Inspire showcases Microsoft’s importance in an increasingly digital world. The company that once strived to put a PC on every desk and in every home — to capture a then large 25 Billion dollar market—is now striving to lead a new digital economy in IoT and AI and cloud… worth a staggering 4.5 Trillion.

It is an exciting time to be in technology and an inspiring time to be a business in an increasingly globalized world. ITP will continue to act as a friendly translator for our customers, to bring the most advanced technologies to our customers in consumable ways that hopefully inspire them to achieve more in their businesses.

If you’re looking for a little bit more, check out all of the posts from #MSInspire on Twitter and Facebook.


Microsoft Announcements from Inspire 2017

Announcement Round Up!

More from the Microsoft Inspire 2017 event! Here’s a roundup of some of the most notable technology and business announcements from #MSInspire. If you missed it, Inspire is Microsoft’s annual partner event in Washington DC. The event attracts 17,000 Microsoft partners from all over the world to learn, network and transform their businesses.

Technology Announcements

Photo by: @HeatherHDoran

Codenamed ‘Business Communication Suite’ – Microsoft 365 officially made its appearance at Inspire 2017. Microsoft 365 is a new bundle in the Office 365 product family that combines Office 365 packages with Windows 10, and Security features.

Here are the official package names and descriptions:

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise includes Office 365 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security and is offered in two plans – Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5.  Both plans provide customers with a complete set of productivity and security capabilities, the E5 version provides the latest and most advanced innovations in security, compliance, analytics, and collaboration.
  • Microsoft 365 Business is designed for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) and includes Office 365 Business Premium, security and management features for Office applications and Windows 10 devices, upgrade rights to Windows 10, and a centralized IT console. It will be available in public preview starting August 2nd. 

More Technology Announcements

Azure Stack: Other big announcements included the official release of “Azure Stack” – which includes the ability to install Azure’s secret public cloud sauce onto your on premise hardware and manage it from a single pane of glass. This signals really the change being seen across IT which is increasingly democratizing our customer’s choices.  You can now pick a platform in Windows and run it seamlessly across premise or cloud and manage it the same way and move it back and forth as needed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s new integration with LinkedIn. Since buying LinkedIn last year, Microsoft has used it as a source of BI data and revenue. This integration announcement really marks the first time a  CRM system has been directly connected to one of the world’s largest social media platforms. Not as a connected integration, but the two systems running together in a way that can only be achieved when they are owned by the same company.

Business Announcements

The next big announcement was the creation of the ‘One Commercial Partner’ program. In recent years, Microsoft partners have been challenged by identifying the segment a customer was located in and then which Microsoft team to engage with. Microsoft has torn down those walls giving their managed partners a single point of contact and advocate. From ITP’s perspective this greatly increases our ability to serve the small and midmarket’s. With this change, our customers will all be in the same categorization pool and be able to receive equal attention from the world’s largest tech company.

That’s a wrap! Tomorrow we’ll be sharing some final thoughts on the event. If you haven’t already, check out the live updates from the event by following the #MSInspire on Twitter and Facebook.

How to say ‘NO’ for better personal productivity

Brew Your Skill: Personal Productivity Over a Pint

Chasing Shiny Objects

It’s amazing how often we get distracted by innocent time sucks. And before we know it, we’re crunched for time and our work suffers.

Get back on track by learning how to say no effectively, and implementing new practices to splitting your day into meaningful chunks for improved efficiency.

Brew Your Skill: Personal Productivity Over a Pint

Join us Thursday, July 20th at The Employer Group in Verona. We’ll be hosting a networking happy hour with the comedians at Brew Your Skill – where business coaching meets comedy. Plus, a full spread of snacks + beer and wine on us!

This event will cover:

  • How to implement Block Scheduling
  • Insight into efficient Project Management
  • Creating a personal vision
  • The tools and systems for better tracking your time
  • How to say NO more effectively and with conviction

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Live from Microsoft Inspire 2017

We’re here at Microsoft’s LARGEST event!

Microsoft’s annual partner event is always a big draw for leading partners, industry executives, and technologists. While the event name and location changes annually – this year’s Inspire event in Washington D.C. was no different; in fact, it is the largest event yet… hosting over 16,000 partners, and totaling over 20,000 attendees.

Microsoft kicked off the first day of the event with their core value statement and a keynote from CEO, Satya Nadella. Microsoft’s mission, which is restated many times throughout the event: “Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

As you would expect, the event is technology-focused. What you may not know is that the event goes much further to inspire people at the human level. Microsoft knows they have a room (and crowded live stream) of global companies, and they don’t miss the opportunity to dazzle. Inspiring people with live music from some of the very best creative artists and musicians from all over the world. Inspiring people with poetry and stories of perseverance.

Get a feel for the energy of the event. Check out the highlight video from Day 1.   

Tomorrow we’ll be sharing exciting technology and business announcements from the event on the  blog. Stay tuned! In the meantime, get live updates from the event by following the #MSInspire on Twitter and Facebook.

News from ITP: July Edition

Experience the Possible

We currently have openings for our next Immersion Experience, happening in August! The Immersion Experience is a highly customized session that guides you through simulated, everyday scenarios powered by Microsoft devices. 100% of our previous participants would recommend this session to others.

“The session was both good and valuable. I’m not sure where else we’d get exposure like that, which makes the session a very unique offering. I really liked it.”
– CIO, Lending Authority


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Upcoming Events

Brew Your Skill: Personal Productivity Over a Pint
Thursday, July 20th from 5:00-7:00 PMMultiply 7 by 24. That’s how many hours we all have in a week. 
But some people get significantly more done in that time than others. How do they do it?
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Did you miss our webinar?

Are you properly protecting your organization from shadow IT? Get tips on efficient threat monitoring and prioritization from our last webinar – ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Vulnerabilities’.

We’re joined by Tenable to share some of the first steps towards solid security:

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Happy 4th of July from ITP

Happy 4th of July from ITP

Our team is celebrating in a big way today! We’re enjoying burgers and bonfires, fireworks and small town parades.

Our Service Desk will not be staffed on Tuesday, July 4th.  But we know first-hand that tech emergencies don’t take vacation days, which is why our emergency support is available by phone or email.

Holiday Emergency Support:

  • Madison Area: 608.251.6755
  • Milwaukee Area: 414.453.7100
  • Appleton Area: 920.460.9300

– Or –

If your request is an emergency, you will receive a call-back from an on-site engineer. If your request is not an emergency requiring immediate action, it will be addressed the morning of Wednesday, July 5th.

Happy 4th Of July!

Brew Your Skill: Personal Productivity Over a Pint

Why do some people get more done than you?

Multiply 7 by 24

  1. That’s how many hours we all have in a week – but some people get significantly more done in that time than others. How do they do it?

Super-charge your personal productivity

Join us for a couple hours of beers, laughs, and learning with comedian & business speaker, Vince Carone of Brew Your Skill. Plus, a full spread of snacks + beer and wine on us!

Vince and his team will teach you how to dramatically increase your output and take control of your calendar on Thursday, July 20th at 5:00 PM at The Employer Group.

This event will cover:

  • How to implement Block Scheduling
  • Insight into efficient Project Management
  • Creating a personal vision
  • The tools and systems for better tracking your time
  • How to say NO more effectively and with conviction

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