Webinar Streaming: Cloudy With a Chance of Vulnerabilities

Now Available Anytime: Threat Prioritization & Management Webinar

Did you miss our webinar ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Vulnerabilities’? It’s now available on-demand and on your schedule. Last week we hosted Tenable to discuss the current state of security and threat management best practices. This 45 minute webinar is now available on demand. Access the webinar, here.

Every day IT professionals are faced with the daunting task of protecting the organization’s technology, data and devices. Whether it’s defending against third party apps or maintaining complete compliance, these security tasks are complex, ever-changing and seemingly unending.

Join Information Technology Professionals and Tenable threat specialists, Alex Crepas and Clark Richter for this security-focused session. You’ll leave with the tools you need to better prioritize and manage security threats to your technical environment.

This session covers:

  • Best practices for securing AWS, Azure and other public clouds
  • Tips for identify Shadow IT with a vulnerability management solution
  • How to determine if the entire cloud infrastructure is HIPPA / PCI compliant
  • How to report audit readiness to management

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Overcoming Hurdles to Better Phone Systems

The Myths of Upgrading Your Phone System

Many business executives overlook the importance of their phone systems in their efforts to move their businesses steadily forward. But the reality is, your phone system is your lifeline to sales, customer service, and the innovation that drives your business ahead.

Today we’re sharing three of the common myths that prevent businesses from switching phone systems—and the realities of moving to a simpler business phone system.

  • Myth #1: Our phone system doesn’t have a big impact on the customer experience—Your phone system is the heart of your business. There are so many ways to communicate with customers these days. But when we do pick up a phone to make a phone call… it is probably an urgent issue. This is why it’s important to have convenient communications tools. It’s a simple IP phone system with unified communications (UC) capabilities, VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence and collaboration that allows everyone to work more productively.
  • Myth #2: It’s too risky or too much work to change phone system vendors—A careful plan mitigates the risk and potential heaving lifting of technology change. A new business communications system is a big step, to help make the migration smoother there are a few practices you can follow such as vendor selection, management and finally deployment. Working with a consultant to help manage the selection process and plan the rollout helps relieve some of the stress involved. Lastly, choosing a UC system that can be deployed in phases rather than in a single cutover lowers risk as well by allowing time to be trained on the new system. ShoreTel focuses on the satisfaction of its customers by going through these steps.
  • Myth #3 It’s too expensive to switch phone systems—Many businesses have a patchwork of old phone systems, spanning generations of devices, and maybe even from different vendors. These cobbled-together systems are a hindrance to a business. What you might not know, is that it’s costing you big to keep and maintain this old, disjointed phone system. Lower the total cost of phone system ownership and boosts workforce productivity by taking advantage of IP technology. ShoreTel eliminates the complexity often found in other UC solutions, and their upfront hardware costs are among the lowest in the industry.

These are just a few of the most common hurdles business owners struggle with when deciding how, when and why to switch phone systems. You can access all of these myths and more resources from Shoretel – see the full white paper ‘Six Myths of Switching Business Phone Systems

We think that choosing a phone system and a service provider shouldn’t be full of mystery. ShoreTel is all about simplicity and providing solutions that make your business run better, with technology that just works. Are you considering a change to your phone system? Chat with our team of phone system experts who will help guide you towards the correct solution for your business. Contact our team today >>>

Tech Test Drive With Microsoft: June 29th

Join ITP & Microsoft for our June event!

Get a unique look into Microsoft at our June event! Join Information Technology Professionals (ITP) for an exclusive event at the newest high-tech Microsoft office in Milwaukee. We’ll be hosting a technology test drive: the Microsoft Immersion Experience. You’ll get hands-on with Office 365 devices and tools to see the impact of being a Microsoft-powered organization. The ‘Tech Test Drive‘ event is being held Thursday, June 29th from 5:30 – 7:30.

Explore Microsoft devices and tools to discover the full potential of O365:

  • Enhancing mobile productivity
  • Facilitating collaboration between teams
  • Boosting sales productivity
  • Increasing accessibility to BI data and insights

Are you fully utilizing your Microsoft investment?

The Office365 package offers so many tools and features that for many organizations, newly released productivity applications are often being underutilized or ignored completely. This event includes a hands-on session for you to experience all that O365 has to offer your organization. Our facilitator will guide you through new devices and software, including features and functionality you may have never knew existed! The full Immersion Experiences is a 3-4 hour session that is totally customized to your technology needs. During this event you’ll get a sneak peak at what is included in the Immersion Experience.

You’re invited! Join us Thursday, June 29th for our next Milwaukee event! Our guests will get a behind-the-scenes tour of the newest Microsoft office in downtown Milwaukee.

Get all of the event details and register >>>

Local Security Breach: UW Patient Information

Last month, the UW Heath system announced that a breach had been made of their patient information. If you missed it:

An unauthorized person gained access to information about 2,036 UW Hospital patients in March, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

While the breach didn’t include patients’ Social Security numbers, health insurance information or other financial information, it did include files on patient names, addresses, dates of care, reasons for visits, medical history and conditions, medications, diagnostic results and/or social history, among others.

The March 16 incident was discovered by UW Hospital on March 28, spokeswoman Lisa Brunette said.

The person accessed the information through an employee’s email. Once discovered, UW Hospital started an investigation, disabled the employee’s email and reset the password, Brunette said.

UW Hospital is sending letters to a group of patients about the incident and has set up a call center to answer patient questions, she said.

Businesses and organizations big and small are susceptible to cyber attacks. This will be a particularly expensive incident for the UW, especially when you consider HIPPA fines and the cost to recover these records. What’s most worrying is that it is typically an individual within an organization that poses the most risk for an attack like this. A malicious email, opened and a link clicked. Or a phone call to an unsuspecting employee, prompting them to screen share and log into a database. Did you know that most breaches go fully undetected and completely unknown for 146 days?

Here’s a few more startling facts about breaches:

  • The average cost of lost business was $1.57M in 2015. Up from $1.33M in 2014.
  •  1 in 5 organizations suffers a mobile security breach, primarily driven by malware and malicious Wi-Fi
  • The average cost paid for each lost/stolen record containing sensitive or confidential information was $154.

Are you worried about your environment? Have you considered your security posture recently? Our staff security experts can offer you a 360°  view into your environment and offer actionable solutions to your vulnerabilities. In light of this recent and local attack, we’d like to offer a 25% discount on our security assessment.

For more information about the assessment, or to get one scheduled for your environment navigate here:  http://itprosusa.com/security-assessment

ps. We also offer training for staff in recognizing and protecting themselves from attacks. This includes a series of fake phishing emails sent by us, training for your team, and then another round of phishing emails and reporting. It’s a great exercise for your team and has proven very successful!

ITP Newsletter: June






Microsoft Podcast: Featuring ITP

Last week, Microsoft’s SMB Insider podcast featured ITP CEO, Paul Hager. The podcast shares insight into how top Microsoft partners, like ITP, are leveraging their expertise to provide highly customized technology solutions to clients.

‘‘The small and medium businesses that do well are the ones that embrace that change, prepare for it, and revolutionize their company for what’s coming down the road.’

Listen to the full podcast >>>

Upcoming Events

Each month we share the latest technology events and trends. Join our team for in-person and virtual events highlighting the things you need to know to make educated tech decisions.

     ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Vulnerabilities’ – an in-depth discussion with Tenable about the current state of cybersecurity and threat prioritization. Register for this webinar + Happy Hour >>>


      ‘Tech Test Drive‘ – a chance to experience the possible of Microsoft Office 365. Get a guided tour of the devices and tools now available with Microsoft. Register for this happy hour event >>>


In the Community

Help Support Easterseals Southeast Wisconsin
Wednesday, June 28th is a very special day for a client that is near to our hearts. Easterseals Southeast Wisconsin is hosting their annual ‘Walk With Me‘ event to help raise awareness and support for families living with disabilities.

The event is being held at the Milwaukee County Zoo, and the ITP team will host a group of walkers at the event! Come say hello! Admission is $10. For more information about this event, visit: www.walkwithme.org/milwaukee

Security Resources

WannaCryptor + Google Docs Threats.

The month of May was filled with cybersecurity threats. Navigating security threats can be overwhelming. We invite you to leverage our team for security news, resources, and training.

  • Join our latest webinar: Cloudy with a Chance of Vulnerabilities with Tenable, a leading threat protection provider.
  • Subscribe to our Security List: Get alerts for security threats and new resources, subscribe here.
  • Get an in-depth assessment: We offer a comprehensive security analysis. Request an assessment anytime, here.

10 Steps for Effective Vulnerability Management

Data Security: Effective Prioritization & Management

For every organization, information is a valuable asset, yet it is challenging to secure. As the value of information increases so too does its attractiveness to criminals and other attackers. However, unlike other valuable assets such as cash, information is not secured in a large safe which can be easily protected. Instead, information is spread across many systems, networks and devices, exposing it to the possibility of it being compromised.

The traditional approach to vulnerability scanning is to scan systems and applications for weaknesses at certain intervals. These intervals might be quarterly or monthly scans, for example. The problem with this approach is that the organization only has visibility of the vulnerabilities detected at those particular points in time and if the scanning process isn’t integrated with other processes within the organization, it might miss new systems that are added to the network, new vulnerabilities that have been discovered, or other items that leave the organization with an incomplete picture of the vulnerability landscape they need to manage.

Meet Tenable, ITP’s newest security and threat monitoring partner. Tenable was founded in 2002 and now serves over 21,000 customers around the world. Their flagship product is Tenable.io – a cloud-based vulnerability management platform.

Attacking From All Sides
Tenable’s vulnerability management platform attacks 10 points of risk exposure. See this process in Tenable’s latest infographic:

The ’10 Steps for Achieving A Effective Vulnerability Management’ infographic and white paper is available in Tenable’s website.

Worried about vulnerabilities?
Join Tenable and ITP at our upcoming event ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Vulnerabilities’. You’ll hear from threat expert, Alex Crepas, as he discusses the risks that third party applications pose to your technology environment. Alex will also cover how tools like Tenable can help organizations better identify prioritize threats before they cause lasting damage. Join us for this webinar + happy hour, happening Thursday June 15th. Register now!

Protect Your Law Firm Data + Documents

Full scale security, affordably for law firms
Meet Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Security. It’s everything your law firm needs to protect your client data, devices and data. It’s easy security tools, affordably. These tools layer on top of the Microsoft tools you already use every day, which means there’s nothing new to learn and no training required. 

What we love about EMS

  • Big Security Impact. Secure your documents, data and devices with this comprehensive set of cloud-based tools. We’ll help you gain peace of mind that your clients’ case files are secure, that your emails and attachments are encrypted, and that your documents cannot be altered without proper permission. Fill all the gaps in your digital security, at a reasonable price, and with one package of tools.
  • No Learning Curve. EMS is an add-on to your existing tools in Microsoft. Which means that there’s no new dashboards to check, steps to learn, or new processes to teach. You simply are more secure in the applications you use everyday: Outlook, Word, Excel, and more.
  • No Office Downtown. Your time is valuable. We understand that the time you spend installing and implementing new technology is time that’s not billable. EMS can be installed and deployed within one day, and with very little interruption for your team

All of these benefits are a great fit for busy lawyers and small and medium-sized law firms. Last month we took an in-depth look into the individual tools included in the EMS package. See what each one has to offer in our ‘Strengthen Your Security Stance’ blog post. The tools in the EMS suite work in harmony fill in the gaps of your security, effortlessly and affordably.

Lock Down Your Legal Documents & Data.
Learn more about what EMS has to offer your law firm. We can help you determine if this is the right fit for your firm, and what it would cost. Learn more about EMS….

ITP Featured on Microsoft Podcast, SMB Insider Spotlight

Get the inside scoop with Microsoft’s Insider Partner Spotlight Podcast, featuring ITP

This month Information Technology Professionals (ITP) CEO, Paul Hager, was featured on Microsoft’s partner podcast, the Insider Partner Spotlight. Hosted by Microsoft’s Brent Combest, the General Manager of Central Region SMB, this 10-minute podcast highlights some of the top partners in the region and how they are differentiating their businesses locally. In this episode, Paul shares how to successfully grow a business.

Introducing easy-to-adopt product to grow your business

Paul and Brent discuss ITP’s beginnings as a professional service provider specializing in the legal industry, and the 13 year-journey that has lead us to serving farms, school districts, financial institutions, and many other industries across Wisconsin.

The podcast covers innovations in Microsoft’s cloud technology and how small and medium-sized organizations are leveraging these new tools, with the help of ITP, to grow and expand their business operations. Paul dives into the intellectual property ITP has developed, wrapping Microsoft solutions + other hand-selected technologies into packages that serve specific industries.

Paul discusses shifts in the technology landscape over the last few years, and how IT providers are adjusting their service offerings to stay relevant. Listen as he shares insight into Microsoft’s cloud investment, and some of the first steps businesses can take to get to the cloud with confidence and without breaking their budgets.

Watch the video from the podcast:


Looking for more?

See all of the Partner Spotlights topics and featured partners, visit aka.ms/partnerspotlight.