What categories should be in your IT Budget?

Get the secrets and free resources for better IT budgeting

Your IT budget should guide your technology spending and serve as a communications tool for your organization. It should account for business needs, routine maintenance, replacement costs, hardware and software licenses, warranties, and even unexpected system failures.

Also, don’t forget about your upcoming projects like transitioning from full to hybrid cloud infrastructure. A solid IT budget can help you plan for these investments while identifying opportunities for streamlining expenses.

If your IT budget isn’t this detailed, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many businesses aren’t considering all of these categories. The good news is that we can help kick-start your technology budget.

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Secrets to Better IT Budgeting Webinar presented by ITP

Tuesday, November 28th 1:00-1:45PM


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Changing ISPs? Prioritize your network.

We love fiber. It’s changing the way businesses operate and makes technology run oh-so-smoothly. As fiber becomes available in the regions in which we serve, we are excited to help clients in making that transition. Our team can provide critical planning and support for this transition, and prevent system downtime. Here’s how >>> 

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Guide to Better IT Budgeting Webinar
Tuesday, November 28th from 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

The budget is one of your most powerful tools. When used correctly, it can secure great rewards for your business. But when it comes to budgeting for IT, things can get a little tricky.

Join us on Nov. 28th and learn a few secrets about IT budgeting. We’ll cover who should be involved in creating the budget and when is the most effective time to get started.  Save your seat >>>

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Secrets to Better IT Budgeting

Secrets to Better IT Budgeting Webinar presented by ITP

Tuesday, November 28th 1:00-1:45PM


Budgets are much more than financial tools these days. They’re the secret weapon for creating accountability, encouraging creativity, measuring success, and driving business improvement. But when it comes to information technology, budgeting can get a little tricky.

Did you know?

Many businesses are now investing more of their budget dollars in cloud services in addition to their hardware and software technologies.

You’re probably already on top of your IT budgeting, and that’s great. But what if you can do more? What if you can create a better, smarter IT budget? Join us on Nov. 28th and we’ll show how you can.


We’ll also help you distinguish between capital & operational expenses, and how organizations leverage outsourced resources to maximize their IT budgets.




Considering an internet change? Prioritize your IT.

We are so excited for the rapid availability of fiber internet in our client’s regions. Not only does it make technology run smoother, it helps your team operate at the speed of business.

An issue we’ve encountered as clients consider changing internet service provider (ISP) or making the move to fiber, is downtime based on installation issues and miscommunications. To promote transparency and business uptime, we encourage all of our clients to start the conversation about fiber or ISP changes with ITP first.

As soon as you make the decision to change to your internet, whether it’s a move to fiber or a new ISP, we can help you plan and prepare for the IT component of installation. Bring our team of experts into the fold early to plan this transition process.


The ISP is typically unaware of the intricacies and important components of your network. They don’t know what can be disconnected or changed and what cannot. More often than not, their installation crew will disconnect things without communicating to anyone. Which leaves you in the lurch. Your network is down and your business operations have come to a screeching halt.

Save yourself the headache and chat with our team about changing ISP or internet connection! We are happy to help guide you in navigating this transition smoothly and without business downtime. Contact us today >>>

Protect Your Private Data – Security Resources

Online Security Has Never Been More Important

The Equifax hack stopped us in our tracks. The company estimated that over 142 million identities were stolen during this security breach. The private data stolen included names, social security numbers, birth dates, address and in some cases driver’s license numbers. This information, when packaged together, can sell for upwards of $30 per identity on online black markets, according to Mark Nunnikhoven, head of cloud research for cybersecurity firm Trend Micro.

It is these big-name breaches like Equifax, Target, and Home Depot that make us wonder whether our personal data will ever be safe. Can we ever buy anything online, or trust any outlet with our sensitive data?

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month – we are sharing some easy tips and free resources for keeping your personal and business data safe, offline and online.

Protecting Your Private Data:

  • Be Mindful of Emails: Before clicking links or opening an attachment, always check for a valid domain.
  • Avoid Public Wifi: When in doubt, always default to your device’s carrier data. It is your private connection to the internet.
  • Get Password Management: Stay secure with complex passwords. Use tools like LastPass to simplify logins and monitor access, while still having great passwords.
  • Reconsider Google: Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are selling your searches, demographics and personal data. DuckDuckGo is a save and private option.

More Security Tips >>>

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This blog is part of a 4-part security-focused series during the month of October. Information Technology Professionals (ITP) is a security-forward managed service provider in the Midwest. Learn more about our security offerings.


Making the Case for Security

The bottom line impact of a security breach is steep.

$117,000 is the average financial impact of a data breach. That would be a big hit to your organization’s bottom line. Yet some are still hesitant to make the investment in a rock-solid security stance.

You already know how important it is to educate employees and to have the right tools in place. But what else is missing? Get a 10,000-foot view of your technology environment with a comprehensive security assessment.

Meet the ITP Security Assessment

The ITP Security Assessment can help identify the places you are most vulnerable. This in-depth assessment will give you a clear view into opportunities for improvement in your current hardware, software, and operational practices. You’ll come out the otherwise with an actionable plan for complete security.

The security assessment has allowed many of our clients to have peace of mind that they are taking the proactive approach to securing their business data and applications. They are confident that if there was an attack, they have the measures in place that would get their critical business applications back up and running quickly, and without downtime for employees or customers.

“We have yet to experience a malicious attack… but with ITP’s security measures in place, we are confident that if we did have an issue – all of our data would be easy and available for recovery. It is that peace of mind that makes our relationship with ITP so valuable.”

Chris Rhode, Facility and Vendor Manager – BBI Detection

Read The Case Study >>>

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This blog is part of a 4-part security-focused series during the month of October. Information Technology Professionals (ITP) is a security-forward managed service provider in the Midwest. Learn more about our security offerings.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure is in high demand

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is front and center in data center modernization. According to a 1Gartner survey, 74% of businesses are using, piloting or actively researching hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

According to Morgan Stanley’s 2016 CIO survey, 60 percent of CIOs indicated they planned to purchase hyperconverged systems within the next year, up three-fold from the 2015 survey*.

What makes HCI so popular?

In a word, simplicity. HCI is easy to deploy, you can quickly track compliance & capacity and scale on-demand. And of course, saves you money!

Join us as Nutanix + Rubrik + Plexxi explain how Hyperconverged Infrastructure can help your organization address a range of critical challenges for managing infrastructure.

Hyperconverged Everything: Why Simpler is Smarter Presented by ITP

What: Lunch & Learn Series
When: Friday, October 27th | Noon – 1:30 PM
Where: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse  | 750 N. Midvale Blvd., Madison, WI
Cost: FREE + Lunch will be provided
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 1 Gartner Report G00312901 “Leverage Networking to Ensure Your Hyperconverged Integrated Systems Can Support Demanding Workloads,” August 19, 2016.

* https://www.cio.com/article/3161138/infrastructure/hyperconvergence-in-high-demand.html


Insecure about Office 365 Security?

You’re not wrong. Office 365 Alone is Not Enough to keep Emails Safe.

Organizations often think their email security systems are up to the task of protecting them. Unfortunately, gaps do exist… even in highly-sophisticated tools like Office 365. Mimecast conducted a 200-day, 36 million email security risk assessment. See the results of this study in the graphic below:

Office 365 is Far from Bullet-Proof

There are many security gaps in Office 365, most of which point back to their singular layer of security. Which is why almost 91% of IT professionals seek third-party solutions to enhance built-in security in Office 365.

Mimecast is a cloud-based and subscription email and data protection suite. They serve over 26,000 customers and millions of employees all over the world. Mimecast is ITP’s pick for advanced email threat monitoring, risk management, and archiving. Our team can help you choose the Mimecast subscription that best fit your organization’s security needs.

See The Email Security Findings

Read the full report from Mimecast’s 200-day, 36 million email security assessment. You’ll be surprised how often threats do fall through security gaps, and how crippling they can be to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Download “Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment for Office 365” >>>

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This blog is part of a 4-part security-focused series during the month of October. Information Technology Professionals (ITP) is a security-forward managed service provider in the Midwest. Learn more about our security offerings.