10 Steps for Effective Vulnerability Management

Data Security: Effective Prioritization & Management

For every organization, information is a valuable asset, yet it is challenging to secure. As the value of information increases so too does its attractiveness to criminals and other attackers. However, unlike other valuable assets such as cash, information is not secured in a large safe which can be easily protected. Instead, information is spread across many systems, networks and devices, exposing it to the possibility of it being compromised.

The traditional approach to vulnerability scanning is to scan systems and applications for weaknesses at certain intervals. These intervals might be quarterly or monthly scans, for example. The problem with this approach is that the organization only has visibility of the vulnerabilities detected at those particular points in time and if the scanning process isn’t integrated with other processes within the organization, it might miss new systems that are added to the network, new vulnerabilities that have been discovered, or other items that leave the organization with an incomplete picture of the vulnerability landscape they need to manage.

Meet Tenable, ITP’s newest security and threat monitoring partner. Tenable was founded in 2002 and now serves over 21,000 customers around the world. Their flagship product is Tenable.io – a cloud-based vulnerability management platform.

Attacking From All Sides
Tenable’s vulnerability management platform attacks 10 points of risk exposure. See this process in Tenable’s latest infographic:

The ’10 Steps for Achieving A Effective Vulnerability Management’ infographic and white paper is available in Tenable’s website.

Worried about vulnerabilities?
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