All About Azure – Disaster Recovery

Batten down the hatches! Prepare for unforeseen circumstances with Azure.

Let’s have a real talk about disaster recovery for applications…not just virtual machines. Your CIO stops by your office one day and asks, “What if we are hit by some unforeseen disaster tomorrow? Are you confident that we can run our critical applications, that employees will be able to work, and that we can get up and running again quickly?” So many disaster recovery offerings are just about recovering your services, with no promises for your critical business applications… think Quickbooks, Outlook, ERP systems (Epic), and CRMs (SalesForce, Dynamics).

Azure Site Recovery combines cloud-first design with a simple user experience that allows you to recover entire applications (and their settings) in the event of a disaster. This feature supports application consistency for a single virtual machine and across multiple VMs that compose the application. Why? Because most multi-tier applications have dependencies. For example, the database tier should load first, before the application or web tiers are recovered.

Stress-Free Recovery

Disaster recover for applications should be a single-click stress-free, end-to end process with low RTO. Get the confidence for this ‘big red button’ moment with Azure’s Site Recovery. What’s more, Azure Site Recovery offers you the choice to work with other replication technologies, making it a flexible solution that can be your plan-A or your plan-B for application recovery.

Learn more about disaster recovery with Azure’s Site Recovery in this in-depth video series and in ‘Disaster recovery for applications, not just virtual machines using Azure Site Recovery‘ – a post that originally appeared on the Microsoft Azure blog.

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