Disney in Hot Water After Tracking App Activity

COPPA Laws Protects From Selling Kids Online Behavior to Advertisers

Disney’s Palace Pets, an Apple and Android application, is under the microscope this week after a California woman claims the app was tracking her daughter. Last week a class action was filed in California, claiming that code within the app is collecting both personal information and tracking online behavior.

Amanda Rushing is seeking $5M for the violation of the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). She claims advertising specific software embedded in the application has been tracking and collecting data about her daughter’s usage of the Palace Pets, other applications, and online behaviors.

COPPA mandates that personal information cannot be collected about children under the age of 13 without the verbal consent of the parent. This is the largest COPPA class action suit to date, surpassing Disney subsidiary, Playdom Inc’s $3M violation penalty in 2011.

Information Technology Professionals CEO, Paul Hager, joined CBS 58 in Milwaukee this week to discuss this on-going case. See his commentary on free-to-play application and protecting your children’s privacy online.

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