Insecure about Office 365 Security?

You’re not wrong. Office 365 Alone is Not Enough to keep Emails Safe.

Organizations often think their email security systems are up to the task of protecting them. Unfortunately, gaps do exist… even in highly-sophisticated tools like Office 365. Mimecast conducted a 200-day, 36 million email security risk assessment. See the results of this study in the graphic below:

Office 365 is Far from Bullet-Proof

There are many security gaps in Office 365, most of which point back to their singular layer of security. Which is why almost 91% of IT professionals seek third-party solutions to enhance built-in security in Office 365.

Mimecast is a cloud-based and subscription email and data protection suite. They serve over 26,000 customers and millions of employees all over the world. Mimecast is ITP’s pick for advanced email threat monitoring, risk management, and archiving. Our team can help you choose the Mimecast subscription that best fit your organization’s security needs.

See The Email Security Findings

Read the full report from Mimecast’s 200-day, 36 million email security assessment. You’ll be surprised how often threats do fall through security gaps, and how crippling they can be to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Download “Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment for Office 365” >>>

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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