Making the Case for Security

The bottom line impact of a security breach is steep.

$117,000 is the average financial impact of a data breach. That would be a big hit to your organization’s bottom line. Yet some are still hesitant to make the investment in a rock-solid security stance.

You already know how important it is to educate employees and to have the right tools in place. But what else is missing? Get a 10,000-foot view of your technology environment with a comprehensive security assessment.

Meet the ITP Security Assessment

The ITP Security Assessment can help identify the places you are most vulnerable. This in-depth assessment will give you a clear view into opportunities for improvement in your current hardware, software, and operational practices. You’ll come out the otherwise with an actionable plan for complete security.

The security assessment has allowed many of our clients to have peace of mind that they are taking the proactive approach to securing their business data and applications. They are confident that if there was an attack, they have the measures in place that would get their critical business applications back up and running quickly, and without downtime for employees or customers.

“We have yet to experience a malicious attack… but with ITP’s security measures in place, we are confident that if we did have an issue – all of our data would be easy and available for recovery. It is that peace of mind that makes our relationship with ITP so valuable.”

Chris Rhode, Facility and Vendor Manager – BBI Detection

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This blog is part of a 4-part security-focused series during the month of October. Information Technology Professionals (ITP) is a security-forward managed service provider in the Midwest. Learn more about our security offerings.