Mobile Device Threats: Protecting Your Data

The numbers behind the threats that exist today to mobile devices are staggering (and growing). Fake apps and games plague Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In 2016 alone, there was an estimated 65 million mobile threats that were blocked. Of those blocked threats, 19.2 million of these threats were unique and malicious Android Apps.*

It’s no surprise that IT Security professionals are increasingly concerned about the security of mobile devices. In one study, the Ponemon Institute found that 84 percent of IT security practitioners are very concerned about mobile malware.* These security-focused professionals realize that application malware is a big concern, and that it’s important to be proactive in protecting the devices and individuals with devices in their environment.

The scary part? Experts are estimating that the attacks on mobile devices have just begun. Security trends for 2017 put mobile devices in the cross hairs of hackers and cybercriminals. From unsecured websites to Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile devices are an easy entry point into an organization’s worst security nightmare.

Take a proactive security stance for mobile devices with Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Services. This cloud-based product is a industry-leading endpoint security solution that protects iOS and Android devices from a single web management console. 

Other threats covered by Trend Micro Worry-Free Services:

  • Ransomware
  • Viruses
  • Hackers
  • Spyware
  • Dangerous Websites
  • Phishing
  • Data Threats

Already have anti-virus or Continuum? Consider Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Services as an additional layer of security to your environment and specific to mobile devices. That extra insurance that the devices coming in and out of your organization are safe, secure and being actively monitored. Get the peace of mind that your data is locked down with Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Services.

*Fake Apps, Fake Games: An update on Gaming Malware – Trend Micro