Protect Your Law Firm Data + Documents

Full scale security, affordably for law firms
Meet Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Security. It’s everything your law firm needs to protect your client data, devices and data. It’s easy security tools, affordably. These tools layer on top of the Microsoft tools you already use every day, which means there’s nothing new to learn and no training required. 

What we love about EMS

  • Big Security Impact. Secure your documents, data and devices with this comprehensive set of cloud-based tools. We’ll help you gain peace of mind that your clients’ case files are secure, that your emails and attachments are encrypted, and that your documents cannot be altered without proper permission. Fill all the gaps in your digital security, at a reasonable price, and with one package of tools.
  • No Learning Curve. EMS is an add-on to your existing tools in Microsoft. Which means that there’s no new dashboards to check, steps to learn, or new processes to teach. You simply are more secure in the applications you use everyday: Outlook, Word, Excel, and more.
  • No Office Downtown. Your time is valuable. We understand that the time you spend installing and implementing new technology is time that’s not billable. EMS can be installed and deployed within one day, and with very little interruption for your team

All of these benefits are a great fit for busy lawyers and small and medium-sized law firms. Last month we took an in-depth look into the individual tools included in the EMS package. See what each one has to offer in our ‘Strengthen Your Security Stance’ blog post. The tools in the EMS suite work in harmony fill in the gaps of your security, effortlessly and affordably.

Lock Down Your Legal Documents & Data.
Learn more about what EMS has to offer your law firm. We can help you determine if this is the right fit for your firm, and what it would cost. Learn more about EMS….