The Reasons SMBs Are Turning Toward the Cloud This Year

“Why Cloud?”

The better questions is “why not?” Cloud computing can lead to major changes for small businesses, giving them access to the same tools and resources as large corporations. Today, findings show that 37% of US small businesses have fully adapted to cloud computing, which has redefined the ways they do business. It is predicted that small businesses will increasingly continue to convert to the cloud. Here are four reasons why SMBs consider the cloud:

Cost Savings

Since cloud computing fully utilizes hardware, it can provide small businesses with significant monetary savings. Additionally, the virtualization aspect of data centers and resources in the cloud cuts internal power costs and maximizes office space.

Moving to the cloud also limits the need to hire a specialized team. The cloud provider is responsible for the management of its own infrastructure rather than the individual user. Talk about real budget savings!

Improved Collaboration

Team collaboration through the cloud is easy and efficient. The cloud enables employees to work from the same master documents at the same exact time. Having access to the same files allows employees to collaborate on documents simultaneously.


Mobile Access- and ease of access from multiple locations

Instead of storing and accessing data from your computer’s hard drive, the cloud stores your data over the internet. The biggest benefit of the cloud is having your data centralized in one place. Once you are registered in the cloud, you can securely access the info from anywhere, at any time.


Improved Security

Lastly, with cloud services, patching is automated to ensure that all security applications are up to date. Improved security, encryption, and the latest versions of your business applications with the cloud ensures that your data is well protected.

Now you’re probably asking “Why not?!” The benefits of cloud computing can help your business grow and prosper. If you’ve decided to convert to the cloud or other offsite solutions, we can help. ITP is a cloud expert. From Microsoft Office 365 to our own cloud server- we have the know-how to get you to the cloud efficiently and securely.

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