How to say ‘NO’ for better personal productivity

Brew Your Skill: Personal Productivity Over a Pint

Chasing Shiny Objects

It’s amazing how often we get distracted by innocent time sucks. And before we know it, we’re crunched for time and our work suffers.

Get back on track by learning how to say no effectively, and implementing new practices to splitting your day into meaningful chunks for improved efficiency.

Brew Your Skill: Personal Productivity Over a Pint

Join us Thursday, July 20th at The Employer Group in Verona. We’ll be hosting a networking happy hour with the comedians at Brew Your Skill – where business coaching meets comedy. Plus, a full spread of snacks + beer and wine on us!

This event will cover:

  • How to implement Block Scheduling
  • Insight into efficient Project Management
  • Creating a personal vision
  • The tools and systems for better tracking your time
  • How to say NO more effectively and with conviction

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