Secrets to Better IT Budgeting

Secrets to Better IT Budgeting Webinar presented by ITP

Tuesday, November 28th 1:00-1:45PM


Budgets are much more than financial tools these days. They’re the secret weapon for creating accountability, encouraging creativity, measuring success, and driving business improvement. But when it comes to information technology, budgeting can get a little tricky.

Did you know?

Many businesses are now investing more of their budget dollars in cloud services in addition to their hardware and software technologies.

You’re probably already on top of your IT budgeting, and that’s great. But what if you can do more? What if you can create a better, smarter IT budget? Join us on Nov. 28th and we’ll show how you can.


We’ll also help you distinguish between capital & operational expenses, and how organizations leverage outsourced resources to maximize their IT budgets.