Your Tech: Under the Microscope

How do you really know that everything is working fine?

The fishbowl phenomenon. You live in your little world, minding your own business… making sure your technology is working well and that everyone’s tech needs are met. You reset passwords, spin up virtual desktops, and preform network maintenance. But it’s not always easy to know if there’s something bigger that you are missing. Because to put it simply – you’re living in a fishbowl and you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

Reasons to get a Tech Assessment

  • Expose Security Vulnerabilities: Do you know where you are most likely to be attacked? Sure, you have anti-virus and threat monitoring, but sometimes it feels like that’s not quite enough anymore. What about your staff? How will they know which emails to open and which ones are malicious? The ITP Network Assessment will help bring light to vulnerabilities that exist in your environment, and provide actionable steps for closing the gaps.
  • Uncover Inefficiencies: Where can you be spending less and doing more? What tools are no longer being used or could be consolidated? One of the major benefits to the ITP Network Assessment is a deep dive into the effectiveness of your network, software and subscription applications. We’ll help you uncover savings and choose vendors that serve up the right solutions necessary for your business.
  • Plan Better: It’s almost time to start budgeting for next year. What projects will you take on, and which ones will be pushed to the back burner? Our Network Assessment will help you more effectively prioritize your technology needs for next year. We can even break your projects into phases based on your budget and time constraints.

Get out of your fishbowl and get a 10k foot view of your network. The ITP Network Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive view of your environment and help you prioritize your next moves. Our team of technology experts will listen to your business parameters to create an actionable plan. At the assessment delivery, you can expect a detailed network map and a customized plan for optimizing and improving your environment.

We are now offering the ITP Network Assessment for FREE. Typically a $1000 engagement, you can get an assessment with no strings attached. It’s that simple. Get a better view of your technology environment – for free. Click here to learn more >>>